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Horizontal filament winding

Product Profile

Horizontal filament winding machine means that the structure design is horizontal. It is suitable from lab scale to continuous mass production scale. This structure design is easy to shipping, installation and disassembles. This type of machine has following performance:
■ 2 axis or 4 axis motion
■ Mandrel shape: cylindrical or cone type or pipe type
■ Winding angle: 0°- 90°or 55°- 89°
■ Tension controller can be installed together with the machine
■ Creel installing mode: fixed independently or move horizontally synchronously with the winding car
■ High automatic and computer control

Product Application

This type filament winding machine is used to produce various composite products (FRP/GRP/GRE/GRVE products) that widely used in military field, aerospace field, electronic insulation field, liquid transport field and so on.

Above underground drainage pipeline

Marine pipeline

High low pressure pipeline for oil field

FRP fitting 

FRP pole